What is SCAVO

Our purpose is to build large-scale crypto mining facilities
and aim people around the world to join us.

We built a platform for
crypto mining based on GPU & ASIC devices

Since we are not a cloud mining company, each token counts and is worth equally. As a holder of the SCAVO token, you will receive proportionally all that the mining farms have produced.

Due to the profits are calculated based on the circulating supply of real tokens instead of total amount tokens minted, each holder will receive as earnings a true and real representation of the capacity of the farms.

Furthermore, because of this, it will not only allow to preserve the value of the token but it will increase over time due to our policy of updating and expanding the infrastructure as well also a fixed total supply from its conception.

How does it work?

Problems & Solutions

We intend to build large-scale crypto mining facilities ruled by the industry 4.0 concept, thus,
we keep in mind a sort of issues we need to face as we grow.


Crypto mining was, is and will be profitable for a long time regardless of whether it is BTC or ETH that is intended to be mined. There will always be a group of "high" profitability crypto currencies, however, this depends on two major factors. The cost of energy (and its fluctuations) and the initial investment required for miners (high barrier to entry).

For some time now, all those who decided to enter the world of crypto mining encountered a very high entry barrier and this is not only the case due to the supply and demand of the equipment, but also due to the minimum processing capacity (hashrate) , required where each mining platform is made up of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.



In order to achieve competitive and stable energy costs over time, we focus on closing agreements with local wholesale energy distributor companies by bringing mining farms closer to energy transformer plants. This not only allows to reduce the cost of energy considerably but also reduces the investment required before the expansion.

Our business model is based on the token, which we create to break the entry barrier and bring it to minimum and possible values so that anyone can enter crypto mining. With this, it not only eliminates the ominous barrier to entry, but also, being a community-oriented company, gives an active role to each and every one of the token holders.



We invite you to read our whitepaper on Medium where you can find our proposal in detail.
There you will find all the necessary information from the beginning, going through the expansion
stage of the mining operations as well as being sustainable over time.


SCAVO Farms Whitepaper

Pre-Sale & Values

Tokens Sale

The token sale will take place in two main stages.
The first one will be made through a private sale on the company's website, here.
The second will be conducted by third party platform through its website.

Token sale will start in

The token sale price varies at each sale stage, as each of the token sale stages progresses, the miners will go into production.
Acquire the tokens at the best price before the end of the current sale stage.

  • Private Sale starts 15 May
  • Public Sale starts 01 August
  • Public Sale ends Varies by stages (1)
  • Acceptable currencies BTC, LTC, ETH, UBIQ (2)
  • Minimal transaction amount USD 25 (3)
  • Number of tokens for sale 255,000,000 SCAVO (up to 85%)
  • Last Token Price  
  • Current Token Price  
  • Current Token Price  

(1) The sale end date may be changed without prior notice. In this case, it will depend on the demand.
(2) In addition to the aforementioned, we will accept BNB, TRX, ETC, DOGE & TSF. Accepted currencies may be modified without prior notice, subject to network availability of each of them.
(3) The minimum amount per transaction may be modified without prior notice, subject to variations in the network rates of each accepted currency.

SCAVO Farms App

Mobile App

With the Mobile App you can monitor in real time all relevant and complementary
information on the progress of mining. Everything you need to have in one place.

Android & ios app

We will make the mobile app available to all those who have the token to simplify all the processes and where they can manage the different wallets where they have tokens through a single account, reducing the fees for multiple transactions at the time of receiving the payment. The application is linked to the company's platform without having to perform any additional action.

  • Live farm state
  • Stakeholder participation pct.
  • Buy/Sell tokens
  • Received payments
  • Pending payments
Android Apple
mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app
SCAVO Farms Status


Through this section you can view the aggregated data of the different mining platforms.
They are differentiated by algorithm, such as SHA256, ETHASH, SCRYPT, etc.
In cases where specific mining is carried out on an asset, the precise asset name mined will be given.
The information provided in this section is in real time and reflects the status of the farm, in its entirety.

Ooops!. It seems we are having technical issues connecting to the servers.

Please, stand by!



We design this roadmap conservatively in order to meet each of the objectives set by reflecting the next 6 months.
The date indicated for the start of the public token sale will be subject to the completion of the private token sale.

April 2021
Website Online
02 May 2021
Deploy the token on mainstream blockchains Live Now
03 May 2021
Open registration for private sale
15 May 2021
Private Sale is live!
Buy Token at SCAVO's
15 June 2021
Private Sale is closed!
Send tokens to holders
16 June 2021
Token Swap
Send to earliers investors & backers
18 June 2021
Purchase of Miners
Complete hardware list will be published
15 July 2021
Farm goes live!
Mining BTC & ETH
26 July 2021
Time to pay!
Holders will receive their 1st payment.
01 August 2021
Public Sale Stage 1 is open
Buy Token
15 August 2021
Stage 1 Public Sale is closed!
Purchase of Miners
Complete hardware list will be published
20 August 2021
New miners go live!
Mining BTC & ETH
31 August 2021
Exchange will be published
About Token


A decentralized token designed for all those who want to participate collectively in the mining of Bitcoin,
Ethereum and other profitable Altcoins in an automated way, owning the hashrate capacity of the farms.

Coin Image


The SCAVO Token is based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard and derivatives of it. In their design, they guarantee certain rights to their holders.

On one hand, it provides the right to receive the profits, product of crypto mining operations, in proportion to the possession and circulation of the tokens.

On the other hand, the token holder will be able to create and submit proposals and these will be put to the consideration of the community for their vote and subsequent treatment in the company.

Finally, it grants the right to vote in each proposal in relation to 1 SCAVO = 1 VOTE.

Token Stats

Token Distribution

The initial allocation of the token will be made in four categories: Early Investors & Backers,
Bounty Fund, Private Sell and Public Sell.


Each and every one of the tokens sold will be used for the acquisition and commissioning of mining operations, as soon as each stage ends.

Symbol: SCAVO

Token Supply (fixed): 300,000,000 (1)

Decimals: 18

Smart Contract: 0x (2)

Initial Value: Starts on 1 SCAVO = USD 0.01

Type: ERC20 standard

Blockchain: Ubiq, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum









+ Community driven

Create & Submit your Idea
Let's Vote!

+ Smart & Automated

Switch to more profitable coins
On the Go

+ Direct Payments to your Wallet

Receive in native mined coins

(1) The total supply taking into consideration all the contracts deployed in the different blockchains.
(2) On April 15, the address of the smart contract in each of the blockchains will be reported.



Have questions? We’re happy to help.


+ Exchange listing
to be announced


+ Exchange listing
to be announced


+ Exchange listing
to be announced


+ Exchange listing
to be announced


+ Exchange listing
to be announced